Have You Facing Problems with Home Wifi Setup, Get The Solution Here

By | Sep 11, 2021

We all have a home setup if you are a student then this space you use to attend your online lectures and classes and if you are a working professional then the space is used to complete your tasks, virtual meetings, and other things. To manage things from home we all should have a dedicated internet connection to connect tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

If your classes schedule and your parents’ meeting and working hours fall at the same minute then the wifi speed gets slower automatically. Nobody can focus on their tasks and things will get delayed. You’ll not be able to connect with your friends, colleagues, teachers on virtual call groups. Faster speed internet connection is a prime requirement nowadays for every student and professional.

The need for this internet service is not limited to only educational resources, accessibility resources, accessibility, and meetings but it is also a necessity of the entertainment platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, MX Player, etc. No matter how wonderful features your devices and gadgets have besides that if your Wifi does not give you high-speed internet support then nothing will be productive.

You can’t tell your mom to stop their work or access the internet as their work is also important. As the problem does not last for one day, the situation will be the same every day. You both can’t resume your schedule. We need a permanent solution to resolve it.

Boost up WIFI accessibility and enjoy your work and entrainment time

You can ask the network providers about the upgradation of WiFi standard, speed, network range, performance level.

Router Spot

Router catches the internet signals and enables high-speed connectivity to all corners of the home and available devices. The router should be set up at a spot where it can receive proper signals. Keep your router in an open place otherwise, it will be harder to connect the devices. If the spot is congested with stuff and too many systems or boxes or items are positioned near the router it will create a disturbance to produce the signals and impact the speed and performance of the internet router.

Basements, Congested corners, inside rooms, are not the proper place to position the router. Upgradation of the Firmware will resolve this problem at some level.


Every Internet Service Provider claims that they install high-speed routers for you with decent internet speed at affordable prices. It is true at some point but now you are connecting multiple devices the whole day so to keep enjoying the high-speed internet without any disturbance you need to upgrade the internet plans and services. 

You need to spend more to purchase high-speed internet plans so you can watch your favorite web series, movies, videos, or games, etc. over the internet by connecting Smartphones, PC and Android, or smart TVs. 

You can ask the support from ISP to subscribe to high-speed internet plans hence all the devices can connect well and stream the apps and calls efficiently. Upgradation of the modem will be worth it for you.

Install Mesh

Upgrading the router, its location, or increased data plan subscription may resolve your problems to access the internet connection but in case, your home has a huge area then installing a Mesh System will resolve the internet connectivity issue for multiple devices. It will boost up the internet speed across the rooms of your home.  All the access points will reach out to the Wifi signals through this Mesh-router arrangement and you can enjoy the high-speed internet with no disturbance.

Mesh setup is one of the best ways to eliminate the poor Wifi connection and will level up the speed. No matter where you’ve seated the mesh setup will make the internet accessibility better.

Routers frequency 

Wifi routers are categorized with two different frequencies. ISPs offer a suitable router according to your home requirements so that the router can produce high-speed internet performance accessing the frequency signals.

High frequency improves the connectivity point’s performance. All the devices operated efficiently without interference. If you have a router with 2.4GHz it offers a better reach across your home network however upgrading the frequency to 5GHz will speed up the 2.4GHz device’s performance.

You can talk to your service provider, and subscribe to an ideal frequency router to connect the devices.

New-gen Wifi connection 

  • How many years ago, you subscribed to the wifi connection? 
  • Have you ever thought about upgrading your Wifi connection?
  • Which wifi standard is available at your home? Is it WiFi 4 or WiFi 5 or WiFi6?

Technology has upgraded over the years such as WIFI and if you haven’t upgraded your home wifi setup till now. It’s time to upgrade your Wifi.

Upgradation is required as it eliminates the network disturbances elements, and makes better reach to available devices. You get advanced connectivity, speed, performance, and flexibility over multiple devices and connections points. 

If you are using a Wifi router 802.11ac then you can skip the upgrade for now but if you have an older version of Wifi technology upgrading is essential to get the full support.

Wifi 6 technology routers are best at each level whether it is speed, performance, or reach across all corners of the backyard and front of your home with multiple devices connected. It is reliable, affordable, and accessible.

You will get high-end performance routers and mesh devices to boost up the internet signals reach of your home. Now, you can continue to your convenience and comfort level including online classes, virtual meetings, music, and binge-watch. Upgraded Wifi technology offers connectivity support to more than one device.

Sometimes devices are not able to establish a dedicated connection because of weather conditions. When it raining or humidity occurs the frequency of Wii internet gets affected and creates a disturbance in catching signals. Things get normal after it passes. Wifi booster may help to operate things but you don’t have to panic and everyone should understand this basic fact that nature situations also impact the network & connectivity at some point.