A guide to monitoring working hours and snapchat usage

By | Apr 3, 2017

If you’re not sure if your employees are engaged in their work during working hours and not searching the solution for personal problems, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you how to detect what your workers are doing during working hours.

For example, in May of this year, one company conducted an investigation. It was about how much time people spend on the Internet, particularly in social networks. The USA took second place in the ranking by the number of active users on the network. The number was 48.2 million people.

Germany took the second place with 50 million of active users. There is a logical question: where did all these people kill their time? They killed it because as long as they were in social networks, others continued to live a full life. Google is number one site that 90.9% of people visit after they come to the office. Microsoft took the second place as 73% of people visited their website at work. And the third place goes to Facebook. 73% of workers like wasting time there.

Wasting time by personnel

Now imagine how much time your employees spend on something else but not work. You pay money for work, but you get nothing back. Of course, no one will ever come to you and say that they waste time on anything but work. The evidence of wasting time can be obtained without any problems. Just use a tracking application to monitor every single click on the staff’s gadgets.

A lot of managers of different companies have faced the problem of neglecting responsibilities by personnel. Therefore, there is now an active program to help track down who and where has surfed the web, and at what time.

Tracking software for your staff

To be confident in your employees, you should install a tracking program on every single computer and telephone in your office. You can spy on snapchat free to control social networks. These apps were designed to monitor the activity during working hours. For example, you can easily get regular screenshots once an hour to see what your workers are busy with. Or you can find any information leak inside their correspondence.

Special software will monitor working hours easily. It includes tracking visits to social networks or other sites. This data is saved, and you can view it at any time of day and night. You can track every single click of the mouse, and every press on the button of you need it.

These are not all the features provided on www.hoverwatch.com, but it will help you make records of working hours of your employees make their work more effective. Good luck!



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