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Electronic Signature: Doubtful Trend or Useful Technology?

A direct flight from San Francisco to New York takes 6 hours and costs from $300. Do you really want to spend so much time and money on signing contracts with partners? An electronic signatures is a new technology that can significantly reduce your company’s time and money costs. This way, you can focus more on product… Read More »

Remote Teaching Tips to Engage Students in Distance Learning

Remote learning is a new developing phenomenon for everyone. It is not like that it has been discovered recently but before this pandemic, only a few people who had some other limitation preferred remote learning. But due to COVID-19, almost all the educational establishments have opted for remote learning during the lockdown. So now students… Read More »

Online Rummy Tournaments: Passion, Competition & BIG Rewards!

Online rummy is the new favorite card game in the internet of games. The excitement, passion and the pursuit of entertainment today has called attention to India’s expert card players who believe to win with their skills. Online rummy tournaments offer players like these to showcase their talent live among a nationwide pool of players… Read More »

Upcoming Cricket Tournaments for Fantasy Cricket Fans

If the world famous Indian Premier League is not your cup of tea then worry not. We have got your back. You might have to wait a little longer but regular cricket is coming your way and it is coming with full force. It doesn’t matter if you are a fantasy cricket novice or a… Read More »

Online Poker Tournaments – All You Should Know to Get Started

The lockdown has catapulted the rise and popularityof online poker games and tournamentsas newcomers are showing immense interest due to the combined excitement of learning a new skill and winning real money from their comfort couch. These days, online poker tournaments are raging all over the internet and the excitement is almost insatiable. The real… Read More »