Are Video Online Slots related to Classic Video Games?

By | Dec 17, 2020

Video games were once something that teenagers played in arcades, but one their popularity was realised, home gaming machines and even mobile, handheld games were created so that more and more people could play them.

Now video games can be played via mobile devices like phones and tablets, and rather than having to install big files on computers, they can be downloaded as and when required. There are certainly parallels between this idea and the way that slots progressed too. 

Slots began life in bars and clubs, transferred to casinos, and then made the leap to online gambling in web casinos. 

So when you think about how video online slots are related to classic video games, this might be the first link you find. There are others, of course. 

The major link is the way that both classic video games and online video slots look. They each have the same kind of quality to them and they each have a similar soundtrack. All in all, unless you knew what you were looking at, it would be easy to confuse the two. This is especially true when you consider that some video games have been made into slot games. Here are some examples and can be played at Daisy Slots.

Call Of Duty 4

You’ll find a plethora of first person shooter video games out there to play when you start to look, but ask anyone (gamer or not) what the most iconic of these games is, and they’re likely to mention Call of Duty, and particularly Call of Duty 4. This game was originally released in 2007, and it represented a turning point in this kind of game with immersive graphics and a plot that had to be experienced to be believed. 

Now there is a slot version of this famous and well-loved game. The slot takes some of the very best elements of the video game and uses them to create the look and feel of the real thing in a slot game. There are even little nods to the gameplay within the reels. For example, in the video game a player will drop a grenade to mark where a fallen player died. Grenades therefore appear on the reels too – and they’re good to see since they offer another chance to win. 

Tomb Raider

When you think that Lara Croft first started raiding tombs in 1996, you’ll probably be surprised. It doesn’t feel as though she has been around that long, but it’s true. In Tomb Raider, this heroine has been climbing cliffs and swinging on ropes for almost 25 years. Add to this the fact that there have been films and many different variations on the theme, and it’s incredible to think it all came from just one (albeit very fun) game. 

What probably shouldn’t surprise you is the fact that a popular slot game has been created on the back of the Tomb Raider franchise. When you play the slot you’ll find yourself in exotic places, most of which are found in the original game. Find three or more idols and you’ll enter the bonus round where you have to pick an idol (one of 12) and you’ll get whatever prize it is holding.

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