6 Technology Solutions To Improve Growing Businesses

By | Jun 7, 2018

Starting a business is tough. Helping it grow is even tougher. Trying to help it grow without using present-day technologies is impossible. The number of technology solutions for businesses is overwhelming.

How do you find the one to suit your case? How many of them are worth your while? Which ones to consider first? We talked to experts from Ottawa IT support company Firewall Technical to get a list of solutions you shouldn’t overlook.

1.    Cloud-Based Services

If you haven’t migrated to a cloud-based service yet, you are not allowing your business to grow. Using these services helps you to save money on IT specialists and infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your data while getting the opportunity to work with it remotely.

Using cloud-based services improves the efficiency of your staff’s work since the information access is simplified. You can also choose different payment plans for using cloud-based services in order to save money.

2.    Convenient Video Conferencing

Even though today you can find many programs which allow video conferencing, Skype For Business is still the optimal solution to consider. The program is cost-efficient, reliable, and compatible with a variety of devices. The program is free for personal use. In order to enjoy the full specter of services, you need Office 365.

Convenient video conference is the key to excellent employee interactions and productive meetings.

3.    Artificial Intelligence

You can find artificial intelligence in many programs you are using for marketing and employee interactions. AI can help provide excellent customer support when built into websites and applications. Bots cut the expenses substantially and make customer experience smoother.

Another way AI can help improve your growing business is to automate some tasks you usually delegate to your staff. For example, bots can schedule meetings as well as collect and analyze information about employees and clients. Apps with AI can help manage large amounts of data and improve customer and staff experience.

4.    Personalized Software

If your company is growing, designing custom software can help save time and money while improving the output.

A handcrafted solution for your company may be costly but eventually it will show an impressive ROI. A huge advantage of using a custom software is its security. As opposed to the off-the-shelf solutions, custom programs are not prone to hacks.

The majority of large businesses end up creating custom software for their personal needs. If your business keeps growing, you may want to consider this investment.  

5.    Email Marketing

Even though social media marketing has become a top-notch solution, email marketing is still very important. Many different programs have been created to improve the businesses’ email marketing efforts.

You can take advantage of technologies which help find target audiences for your email list, design high-quality messages, and create personalized content.

6.    Security Software

No matter how small your business is, it is a target for a hack attack. Losing client data or exposing personal information to hackers can lead to irreversible reputation damage. Every company should invest in security software, which takes care of remote attacks.

You may want to consider hiring network security specialists or outsourcing this task to IT companies. In any case, investing in security is vital. You can also think about such security technologies as 360° cameras and live video streaming.

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