What’s Your Relationship Style?

By | Dec 26, 2017

A special style of relationships is formed in each family in the first year or two together. This formed style depends on the individual inclinations of couples, their temperament, character, and ideas about the perfect relationship between a man and a woman. The more similar the ideas of a man and a woman about family life are, the more chances to create a successful union they have. There is almost no chance for a happy life together in couples whose ideas about marriage are radically different.

Relationship styles

  1. Non-conflict style

This relationship is built on the traditional understanding of the roles of a man and a woman in a family. In the first place, people are concerned about children and the material security of their families. Romance and sex are usually in the second place. A couple who prefers this type of conjugal relationship tries not to show their emotions to each other, considering restraint an important condition for peace and stability in their family.

Often in such families, the intimate affinity between a husband and a wife ceases to exist after 8-10 years of family life and such a couple doesn’t make mutual claims to each other. They just start living their lives by themselves. The common interests of people and the proper organization of joint recreation may save such a relationship.

  1. Emotional style

This is one more communication style in relationships. Mutual relations between a husband and a wife are usually exciting, passionate, imbued with sex, eroticism, and romance. But also, there are mutual jealousy and clarification in a relationship. After all, lovers don’t restrain only with passion but also with grievances, immediately expressing them to their partners. Therefore, a relationship between partners has very uneven amplitude: they love each other, say affectionate words, make gifts, pleasant surprises, and have sex every day, but at the same time, they constantly fight, stopping every communication and talking about the impending divorce. A relationship of this style is characterized by violence both physical and psychological. Sometimes it happens that such a couple breaks up, and then make up very soon and everything repeats again and again. The ability of both partners to reckon with the interests of each other and restrain emotions for the sake of family tranquility can save such a relationship.

  1. Mutually supportive style

Partners tend to find the comfortable balance between the personal space and conjugal unity. Usually, such a relationship is built not only on true love but also on the mutual respect. Also, sex styles in such relationships very diverse. Partners strive not only to get pleasure from sex but, first and foremost, they want to bring it to a partner. But even such a union also has its own “pitfalls”: partners may have a mutual sense of rivalry and the desire to prove superiority over each other. It is quite a dangerous situation when one of the partners suddenly makes a career and is much ahead in the status and salary.

  1. Friendly style

Relationships of this style are typical for partners with common interests and hobbies. They always have a topic for conversation; they have many common acquaintances and friends, and their intellect and level of culture are approximately on the same level. Therefore, a man and a woman usually understand each other very well in such a relationship. Jealousy and mistrust between them are very rare. The danger in such a union may appear in a mutual habit and an inconspicuous transition of love relationships into friendly and partnership ones. However, this is one of the best communication styles in relationships.Thanks to our friends from Video Dating Profiles  for providing this article.

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