Various Tricks To Avoid Facing Technical Debt

By | Jun 10, 2017

Technical debt refers to a situation when due to some or other reason when extra development work is required in execution of code. This mainly takes place due to execution of code that that was used for short run but not for overall solution.

Tech debt is mainly associated with hardcore programming where refactoring plays a crucial role. Therefore it gets vital that caution is exercised when making the code and involve constant testing and rechecking of the code. Implementing the changes or restructuring the code becomes quite arduous and painstaking. Therefore to avoid the situation of techdebt, as a programmer you can follow the given below tips –

Focus on reviewing the code –

One of the best ways to keep up the quality of the code is by reviewing it on different parameters. For this purpose, you can take help of architectural reviews, designs reviews, code reviews as well as test reviews.  It is quite important for the programmers to involve with the clients and take continuous feedback so as to so as to improve the quality as well as the knowledge that can be put to best use.

Various Tricks To Avoid Facing Technical Debt

Refactoring is vital to avoid technical debt-

It is basically the process of restructuring the existing computer code without affecting the external behaviour of the external behaviour of the programme. It should be made note of that this process does not involve rewriting the whole code all over again, rather it is about editing the code  and giving it some technical corrections. This activity should be followed on routine basis by the software developer as it helps minimize the errors with the code and reduces significantly the possibility of techdebt.

Opt for Automated test coverage-

To ensure the suitability of the code in each and every condition, it gets vital that you employ the use of automated regression testing. When you take help of test coverage, you can very easily detect the defects that may have been affected in the code. This helps you fix the changes that have been affected in it for better use in the future. In addition to this, auto coverage makes reading the programme quite simple and easy for future developer which ensures that least changes are made to the code helping it to stay natural and temper free for the longest period of time.

Keep a measurement of the technical debt –

Businesses that are serious about the technical debt stay aware of the same and measure the affects that it can create.  They use different tools and techniques to measure the effect of date. In addition to this, you can like smart businesses look to keep track of the trends that have the possibility of getting down with the time.

It is at this time, you can keep a close watch at different metrics in the form of data metrics, usability and quality metrics. In addition to this you can also keep track of the time when you are required to implement different features while addressing the defects and still keeping a watch on different things.Click here to get more knowledge on tech debt and its remedy.


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