Tips on iPhone Photography at Night

By | May 11, 2018

Shooting in low light can be daunting even with a sophisticated iPhone camera. It requires a special skill-set to produce clear and attractive shots in the low light. This can be a real spoiler when you want to take a shot of the surroundings as you envision them. However, there are plenty examples of magical and unique shots which can be snapped at night. All you need is to know the tricks to use in order to snap amazing Instagram-worthy photos at night with your iPhone. So we look at some of the unique tips and tricks shared by an expert AramanYC hair photographer on how to shoot quality photos at night with an iPhone:

Use a tripod for steady shots

Steady shots are achieved when you hold your camera in place, without moving, long enough for the shutter to close. The shutter speed is controlled by the light entering it and if low it will take a longer time to close. As such, you may move your hand when taking your shot due to the low shutter speed. Using a tripod stand to hold your iPhone while you take your shot will help you achieve steady images.

Shoot when there is a little light

You can take pictures at dusk and dawn to produce clear and colorful images. It gives your shots a magical look, due to the sunset and sunrise. The street lights will also favor your shots when you angle-out on your subject, to help you be creative in night photography.

Set your exposure to brighten the scene

The exposure on your iPhone will help you to set the scene on which you are taking your shots. Since there is little light, you can slide the meter to brighten the scene before shooting. This will help your images to stand out even in the dark.

Avoid grainy shots

Grainy shots are due to the poor contrast and low light. Also, brightening the scene too much can increase the grainy condition in your shot. Adjust the exposure to darken the scene and get rid of the grainy shots for clear images.

Convert to black and white

The best way to get rid of the flaws in your photos is to convert them to black and white. You can do this on your iPhone with ease as it has that functionality. For example, if there are blurred lines or grainy effects on your photos, converting them to black and white will hide those flaws.

Use your camera flash conveniently

Although a camera flash can spoil the quality of your shot, you can use it creatively to gain leverage. To avoid direct light on your subject, hold a white or colored paper on the flash and then snap. This will produce colorful images without exposing them to too much light.

Shoot from the dark into the light and not vice versa

The light can be above or behind the subject or object. Make sure you are not within an area that is lit and the subject is in the dark to bring out the magic in your shot.

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