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By | Sep 26, 2017

Life is about creating memories and spending quality time with near and dear ones. In India, where social structure is the foundation for almost everything, Rummy as a game has been binding people together for more than a decade. It is not just about lavish bonuses and winning, the game has a personal equation too.

A social get together

Initially and in many cases even now Rummy is played when a large group of people get together, be it in any form of a special occasion, parties or during festival time when people gathered together. Rummy is generally played in any social gatherings, festival season etc. It’s even a hobby for many Indians and they get engrossed in this game which can go on for hours together.

Various interesting forms of Rummy

Indian Rummy has been evolved from an old type of Rummy which was known as Celebes Rummy or even Rhuk. Indian Rummy is also known as Paplu in many parts of India. Indian Rummy is considered a cross between Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. The only difference between Indian Rummy and the others is that in Indian Rummy, the dealer initially distributes just 13 cards to each player and players have to make sets with these cards. In this game, an Ace can be used as a lower card (before 2) or even the Highest card (After King) while making sets. Each person draws and discards 1 card in each turn in the game till a player finishes making sets/pairs using all the cards as per the Rummy rules. The basic rule of Rummy is make a sequence/set among the cards and who ever makes all the valid sets first is declared the winner. When a player declares he/she has to put the 14th card downward and show all the pairs. A minimum of 1 set has to be made without a Joker. Rummy has been declared legal by most of the Indian State Governments except a few however, all over it is considered to be a game of skill and sheer skill and hence is not considered a Gamble and Betting. Playing Rummy with a set of people around or even online rummy is legal all over and is not an offense.

Few tips for Playing and winning Rummy game

While playing Rummy, a player has to be attentive and observe the cards & moves of the every player. He/she should also try and utilize all possible combinations and then only declare the game before others could make their sets. Rummy can be played with different sets of people varying from 2 to 6. Different kinds of Rummy games are – Deals Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Gin Rummy, Marriage Rummy and many more.

A game for all generations

Rummy is a game that is played by every generation. The youth and the older generation find this game really interesting if they like card games. Nowadays people play Indian Rummy game at home and also many people prefer to play Online Rummy; it is getting gaining popularity day by day. In 1968, the Indian judiciary acknowledged rummy to be a skilled game. So if you enjoy card games, start playing Indian Rummy today!

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