My pendrive is not showing. How can I repair it?

By | Aug 21, 2017

There are plenty of removable devices we use with our computer. And it is very common problem we have found that around sixty percent of removable devices such as Pen Drives are dumped for s/w errors and doesn’t work anymore. This kind of problems are sorted out by just a straightforward troubleshoot but in some cases even new gadgets were likewise dumped or kept idle. This is a typical pen drive issue which occurs with several pen drives. You might likewise confront same issue with other external gadgets such as memory card, Flash drives, or external Hard Disk Drives. Because of this issue, whenever we connect to any external gadget to our PC, it gets identified effectively yet it doesn’t begin to show up in My PC. This issue can be effortlessly altered by taking after some simple steps.

One normal issue which is generally found in the computer is “Drive is not Showing”. This could happen because of the inadvertent expulsion of gadget drive letter from the framework volume (or) disappointment of the Operating System to name and parcel the drive volume at the season of introducing the gadget driver records. The drive letter is the name of the drives (framework volume) which is utilized as a location by the working framework to get to the drive, so erasing the identity of the driver will most likely expel it from my PC list.

So if you are also confronting the same issue and your pen drive is not appearing in PC, then try these step-by-step methods of solving this problem.

Step 1:- The very first process is to click on the Start button and type Run in Search Programs and Files bar prompt.

Step 2:- Once Run prompt is open then type compmgmt.msc, in run prompt and push enter button. Computer Management window will open.

Step 3:- See Left Hand Menu and Open Disk Management.

Step 4:- Once you open disk management options, you would find some disk drives as C: Drive, D: Drive and so on including your pen drive. Just make a right click on pen drive menu and select Change Drive letter and paths. After doing this a small window would pop-up in screen.

Step 5:- Next, click on Change to assign a new drive letter to your pen drive. Here you have to assign the name to the drive which hasn’t been taken by any other drive.

Step 6:- Once you have done this then reboot your computer your Pen Drive will start showing in the task bar of your computer.

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