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In today’s fast running world everyone is in search of a job through which one can earn his livings and finding an appropriate job is not at all an easy task as there is a lot of competition all around the world. Every one has certain dreams and to accomplish the dreams one needs to have enough money and this is possible only if there is a safe job in hand. There is a big competition for job in all the sectors whether it’s a private sector or a government sector but due to the advancement in technology, it is easy to do a job digitally by just sitting at home. Internet a boon by science has made it easy to search for best online jobs and go for a job which the person finds comfortable and the field in which he has interest.

A person can easily get many online working alternatives which could match their timings as well as daily routine schedules. There are many reasons due to which people prefer to work from home which may include the house wives who have to look after their home and it may also include those who have few health issues due to which one cannot afford to go out and work. There can be many other reasons which may not be listed here but the solution for all is at one place and that is to work online with better options. The question is what profession to chose in order to work online and what are the various online working options available.  The following is a list of online working options available which can help the person to make a right choice.

Working online options or jobs:

  • Blogging
    if a person has interest in writing something new and innovative then no other platform can be considered best other than blogging. There are many people who are passionate writers who wish their views and ideas to be published for them writing a blog is considered to be the best idea as it does not require any technical skills or some special training but yes it’s important that the person should have good writing skills and must be expert in it. If the content is effective then it will fetch many reviews which will in return add on to ones bank roll.
  • Paid writing:   There may be certain situation when maintain a blog is not easy for a person in such case one can use his art of writing to write down the content for some other blogs or sites such as PayPerPost and Weblogs. If someone posses great writing skills then writing e books can also prove to be a great idea. Good language skills also provide an opportunity to become a copy editor where the articles are checked thoroughly for grammatical errors.
  • Freelancing for Professional: Freelancing is directly related to customer satisfaction. If someone is good enough to handle the work requested by the clients and if the demands are accomplished within the given time then freelancing can become a good base for earning money online. Various companies use freelancers for their project oriented works where they need some freelancers for few advertisements and good professional programmers.
  • Get-Paid-To(GPTProgramme) GPT or Get-paid-to sites have gained a lot of popularity especially among teenagers. It’s a very simple way of making money where the individual is paid for signing up free websites, playing games online and sometimes for filling online surveys. This is most applicable for those who don’t have any skill but still want to work online and earn money. Filling out the online surveys is very simple as one need to register with a legal well authenticated paid survey sites and answer few questions. The questions are asked from simple topics like shopping and politics.
  • Online Marketing: if someone is developing a site then it also needs to be produced effectively in the market. After the website is created and optimized for SEO the next step is to begin its marketing termed as search engine marketing in professional language. The site needs to be promoted in certain ways that includes article marketing, writing press releases, forum posting, blog posting and many more. Those who work as SEM get a good amount for their work.
  • AIRBNB host: This is perfect job for one who has enough free time and one who likes to meet new people and is aware to all exciting visiting spots all around. The person can earn $924 per month on an average. This job is offered by short term rental sites where the people come to visit the nearby area of that particular individual and its his part to get the a comfortable guest room ready and take them to all near by visiting places. It’s easy to get them by visiting Airbnb or home away.
  • Pet sitting:
    A person can earn an amount of $1000 per month by opting for pet sitting and this job is for the dog lovers who love and take care of pet animals. The person has to look after the pets of people who cannot give enough time to their pets and its much easier task then baby sitting as it has a lot of fun. It depends on the person what he opts for that means whether the client comes to their home or they go the owner’s house.
  • Consultant or online sales person:
    This online job is best for those who have few good marketing skills and for those who like to interact with new people. The paid amount depends on the company norms but basically it is seen that one can easily make 20% to 35% commission. There are certain companies like Stella & Dot which is a jewelry company that had $100 million sales in 2010 where interested person can directly apply and start working and earn money.
  • Virtual assistant:
    A person can earn up to $10 to $15 per hour and this job is best for someone who has a good multitasking ability that means for the one who can handle job of different departments. There are many companies who hire self employed virtual assistants to save money. The person can sit at one place and perform tasks like handling mails, calendar management, data entry and interaction with social media. The fresher’s can start this job from websites like and
  • Job of transcriptionist:There are few people who have little or no experience at all they search for a job which could grant them flexibility and this is available in the job of transcriptionist. This is very simple job where the person has to listen to the audio and type what he hears. There is no other job as simple as transcriptionist all one need to have is a computer and a keyboard. The script can include college lecture and some other manuals as per the demands of the company. The person can easily earn up to $25 per hour or even more.
  • Online working options in casinos:
    To work with casino is not a bad idea at all because it not only provides a platform for amusement instead it also gives certain employment opportunities. The online casino sites have beautiful graphical designs which are appreciated by every player. These graphic designs need certain experts and here is the job opportunity. The person who has good designing skills can design the casino game themes and effects and can earn a handsome salary. The games require a proper setting according to which they work so the casino developer’s also require good and skillful programmers to code the gaming features. The casino game developers need IT professionals so this can be a good platform for them to work with and earn money. There are numerous job opportunities that are provided by working with casinos and few of them are IT, GraphicArtist, ComputerProgrammers, CustomerSupport, Advertising& Marketing, Executives, Payment or Data Collections Services and many more.
  • Survey taker:
    Survey taker is one of the reputed online jobs that can help a person to earn up to $1to $50 per survey which depends on how much time a survey takes. The person will take an opinion poll and has to answer certain questions related to shopping habits or product reviews. The person in return gets paid in cash or can earn some points which can be used to ask for some gifts.
  • Website tester:
    The website tester is a perfect online job for detail-oriented web surfer. One can earn $10 to 15 per test which is a good amount. The person first needs to check the details about the company and its website. The test takes up to 15 minutes. The sites need to be tested and such sites follow the first come first serve therefore if a person stays in the top rankers then he can make up to $100 to $200. The job is easily available on site and it is advised to register with multiple companies to test as many websites as possible.
  • Corporate English trainer:
    There are few sites which hire online English trainers and the job seeker no doubt needs to have good English communication skills. There must be good computer skills and a high speed internet so that there are no errors while one is delivering lectures. The students of few countries like Japan, Korea, France and Germany need someone with whom they can interact in English and practice to improve their English skills. The sessions are taken on pone or on live video interactions.
  • Customer service workers:
    There are certain sites which offer online customer care jobs where the person needs to handle the queries of the customers online that can be checked through emails or through live chat on Skype. This can help the worker to earn up to $8 to $18 per hour. The skill required in this job is “patience” and handling the customers politely no matter how harsh the person on other side is and this profession is considered as biggest work at home field.


The internet provides numerous online works and the above mentioned online jobs are the best source of working online and earning good money. The sites are well authenticated and the individual can chose the profession as per his choice and requirements. So give it a try and earn money by working online.

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