How to Contact Sprint through Social Media

By | Jul 30, 2015

With a customer base of as huge as 57.1 million, Sprint is actually one of the biggest wireless network operators in the world. This huge popularity of the service certainly stands for the quality of service provided by the brand, but at the same time issues with the customers are also bound to arise. In this competitive market keeping the customer happy is certainly the core mantra of business, and in order to provide the best customer care to this huge and extensively spread customer base, Sprint is not leaving any page unturned.

Social Media in Customer Care

 The company maintains a large scale customer service team of hundreds of agents from several call centres operating 24×7 to ensure the best satisfaction of the customers. In order to make it even more convenient for the users to reach the Sprint Customer Service team, the company has introduced Social Media communication.

It simply means if you are a Sprint customer, now you can simply put your queries, issues and grievances on the social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the customer care executives of Sprint, directly; and you will get your answer instantly. Sprint has actually started to define the customer care of the new age with its latest online social media based customer service.

However, Sprint is neither the only brand nor the first one to exploit the extensive reach of online social media platforms for ensuring the best customer service, but it should be noted that Sprint is the first big telecommunication service to exploit the power of the online social media to reach the customers and solve out their issues instantly. Contacting the customer care team of Sprint through social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter is simple, and here we will discuss how you can do that without any hassle:



 On Twitter Sprint uses the handle @sprintcare for answering the queries of customers, including field issues. So, all you need to do is to post your query or problem with the right handle for the Sprint Customer Service and the reply tweets are posted as quickly as possible.

According to the experienced customers, the reply tweets feel actually genuine and compassionate and the answers are really effective. In order to give the best personal touch to the reply tweets the customer care executives also add their initials at the end of the re-tweet, through which the particular employee answering your query can be identified with ease.


One can also contact the Sprint customer care team through the Facebook page of the service provider. If you are looking for service advice or for trouble shooting problems you can readily refer to the Sprint Care Team through their Facebook page. On Facebook customers are actually provided with the option to get in touch directly with any particular employee of the team after checking in brief details about the employee. Customers can use any communication mode starting from Live Chat to Wall posts to ask their queries to their selected customer care team member. A list of commonly asked question is also available on the page.

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