How do Millennials Prepare for Robot Domination?

By | Sep 30, 2019

In the 19th century, robotics increased in speed and wide reception of mechanical procedures. Other than the autonomous vacuum cleaners, robots that help at home have been moderate to take off up until now. Would that change in the future? And how would it affect the people especially the Millennials in the forthcoming?

The effect of robotics on the lives of people was immense; social and monetary convenience, medicinal services, production, manufacturing, and working conditions at home and the office were revised because robotics help eases the human function on an immense level.

Overall, the study organizes different types of work into different categories basing on the performance on some of the factors to determine perceptivity to automation. Like for an example are physical works such as welding or basic packaging of items. But unpredictable work such as livestock, forestry, farming is less likely to be susceptible to automation.


The next generation of robots are not working to replace the human workforce, robotics are working to enhance the lives and jobs of the people. We can already foresee in the industrial world, where robotic designs are swiveling from enormous mechanical arms that take up whole factory floors to more minor robots designed to work alongside people.

What about the job you currently have? How can you tell what’s next for you? Some jobs are being forced to be automated due to robotic independence, the total cost to automate a function outweighs the cost of having the manpower. Because some tasks are easier to automate than others, as what a programmer would say to you. So how do you prepare for the future?

Know Your Automation Potential

Such as machine learning, robotics play a progressively immense role in everyday life. While automation will eliminate very few professions for the next decade, depending on the work they entail. It was already a study that almost 45 percent of the activities people are paid to are going to be automated shortly.

Acquiring Expertise

The more experience, education, expertise you have, the less likely you are going to be reinstated or going to be replaced with an automated robot. So do whatever you can to acquire knowledge and experience whatever you can and as fast as you can because automated robots cannot replace an expert in a specific field.

Stay Ahead of the Trend

Pay attention! To anything and everything that is happening in your industry, especially on the autonomation breakthroughs that are happening in the society and especially in the industry where you reside, so that you won’t be taken by surprise on sudden automation of the workforce.

Manage Other People

The most common roles in an industry that are most likely to be automated by robots are managerial or directorial positions. Because those positions are needed to encourage working employees to do their jobs more efficiently. So try and achieve a position like that.

Hedge your Bets

Don’t be anxious to branch out and develop multiple skills. To reduce your chances of failure or loss, you can attempt different methods to have several different results in a competition. That way, if one of your probable career paths comes to an unfortunate end, you can pick it up somewhere else


As the effect of the World Wide Web and the innovation of vast components of the internet were very burdensome to forecast. There is no absolute answer as to where or how far the future of mechanical technology will be heading. Thus, it’s also difficult to tell whether robot domination will benefit us with the complications we face in our every task.

The future of robotics as it is still continuously evolving at a fast pace that in 2019. There are already several medical benefits for robotics. One of these is robotic prosthetics to help the severely disabled people, either from an accident or inborn. The development of robotics has helped the present and will definitely shape the future.

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