Great Travel Destinations for Thrill-seekers

By | Apr 20, 2016

Great Travel Destinations for Thrill-seekers

Need another travel destination this summer? Looking for a new place to go on your upcoming trip but don’t want the tourist-congested ones? There’s a heck of a lot of choices. Let’s handle that, shall we? Here are some locations you probably didn’t know about – and probably want to travel to:

Latvia. This tiny paradise boasts some 350 miles of coastline. This is located near Jurmala, which claims to be the one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Baltic region. Here you can find the dense forests of the Kemeri National Park, famous for bird-watching from observation towers, above the marshes crisscrossed by wooden pathways.

Try visiting the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum, one of Europe’s largest and oldest with some 118 historic structures and activities from bread-making to ice-fishing.

Romania. You’ve heard about Romania? Fine. However, tourism here is still in full swing. Visitors normally come for hiking and camping in the Carpathian Mountains, to see the Painted Monasteries of northern Moldavia and to experience medieval cities surrounded by traditional villages. The Danube River finishes its nearly 1,800-mile trek from Germany to here.

It’s here where you’ll find Transylvania, of the infamous Dracula legend, and many other sites in the stories can be visited, the tourist authority, however, pointed out that Bram Stoker never really set foot in Romania.Well, he’s got mighty good imagination then.

Jordan. The premier place on Jordanian tourism is Petra, an entire city carved out of a stone canyon hidden in the southern desert, estimated to have been created in the 6th century BC by the Nabateans, one of the ancient Arab civilization.

The city of Amman and the Northern Jerash boasts many Roman ruins. Nature reserves comprise desert lowlands and gorges, as well as a reserve at Mujib, the world’s lowest estimated at 410 meters below sea level, found near the Dead Sea and home to some 300 plant life.

Slovenia. Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, this nation of just over 2 million stretches as far as the Alps to the Mediterranean, Italy to Croatia. Apart from hiking, water sports and cycling, Slovenia sits atop 8,000 caves. You can hire a guide to explore the magnificent cave formations on foot or even by bike. Cultural tourists can also explore Slovenia’s architecture, including some early churches in the countryside.

Chile. Neighboring the southwestern spine of South America for about 2,880 miles, Chile is longer than the distance from Los Angeles to Boston. In Chile, you’ll find a variety of landscapes from the high Atacama Desert to the famous fjords, lakes and mountains of Patagonia.

Bulgaria. Winter-skiing! This, along with the dry summer encourages people to flock to the Black sea to enjoy the mountainous terrain, great for climbing and hiking. Bulgaria hosts a 1,200km endurance bike race through the mountains.

You just had yourself another batch of locations to bring yourself or a buddy. To make the most out of your adventure, always bring with you a good set of portable cameras. If you don’t have one yet, get the GoPro Hero 4 black at Harvey Norman or camera shops near you. You can also check other brands to know which one suits your lifestyle and budget best.

With a reliable portable camera in hand, you’ll have memories of your tumbles, jumps, and adventures regardless if it’s in a common tourist destination or an offbeat location like the places mentioned above.

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