Why Is an eBook on Your Kindle Better Than a Paper One?

By | Nov 23, 2017

Here at https://dissertify.com, we often help our clients write on eBook-related topics. It seems that teachers all over the world have decided that eBooks are the new public enemy. We can’t agree – and here is why.


Hipster habits aside, a paper book is not that convenient. It’s heavy. It doesn’t have adjustable colors. It can be cumbersome, while an eBook will fit into the tiniest of phones if you want it to fit in there. The smell of a paper book? Yes, it’s nice, but not when it’s weighing down your shoulder in a shoulder bag.

Built-in dictionaries

Can a paper book tell you what a certain word means? Well, to be honest, there are some with dictionaries at the end. To find a word, you’d have to go there and look under the right letter, which takes time and is quite annoying. An eBook allows looking up words right there and then. You don’t know one, two, five? Simply put the cursor before it and the device will tell you what it means (provided you have a dictionary installed or downloaded).


Do you know the difference between paper and electronic editions of books on Amazon? Electronic versions are cheaper and they will be on your device immediately after ordering. Paper books? More expensive, take more time to arrive, and don’t provide free samples. Don’t you just love it how you can download a free sample of an eBook to see if you will like the whole thing?


Imagine going on vacation and taking a paper book with you – one you haven’t read before. It’s nice and quiet near the sea, you go through the first fifty pages and realize that the book is absolute garbage. You can hardly take it any longer. What are your options? Give up reading for the entire vacation? Buy some trashy novel from the local book stand? With an eBook, your problem is easily solved – you just go online, find another book and voila, you have it ready for use.

Access to all your favorite books in one place

What if, say, you like reading 5 books at once? A professional one, a fiction one, and a biography? Carrying all those books with you is hardly a reasonable thing to do. With an eBook, you can carry around all the books you want and jump from detective stories to historical novels and romance.

All in all, technology has changed the way we live, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t transform the way we read. Converting from reading old paper books to electronic ones on your phone or any other device is a natural course of events. It can’t be prevented, and we probably should stop trying to prevent it.

After all, we’re not trying to abandon washing machines and pick up doing laundry by hand again. Why would we do something like thatto electronic books?

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