Choosing a Car Trailer for Transporting Cars

By | Nov 16, 2019

If you are thinking about transporting a car or truck, chances are you haven’t given a thought to how you will move it or the different types of car trailers available to choose from. In fact, car transportation is one of those services that are largely invisible until you actually need it. 

There are a wide range of options when it comes to car trailers – different varieties that provide a range of features and amenities, and are all suitable for people transporting cars from one place to another.

In all likelihood, you will want to buy a brand new car trailer either for personal use or for business; in that case, this article is for you. 

This article contains some of the essential information you will need when it comes to choosing the right trailer for your car transportation needs.

Open Car Trailers

As the name implies, open car trailers have no side coverings of any type. These types of car trailers or transporters can be used to transport one of more vehicles from one place to another, saving the owner huge sums of money that should have been used to pay the logistics company. 

Open car trailers typically measure between 18 to 10 feet and can be made from a variety of materials including wood and aluminium, but most manufacturers built theirs with dipped galvanised steel for better strength and durability. 

Open car trailers are the perfect car transporters for auto enthusiasts, private owners, and car dealerships. They are easy to use, uncomplicated and one of the most economical car transporters in the market. 

Even though most of the open car trailers you will see on the road carry single vehicles, there are open car trailers that can serve as multi-car transporters, transporting more than one car at the same time.

Enclosed Car Trailers

Unlike open car trailers, enclosed trailers come with side walls and a roof. This makes it more expensive than the open variant. 

An enclosed car transporter is the ideal transport solution for moving luxury and expensive vehicles that needs to be protected from damaged and harmful elements. The sides and walls protect the cars inside from the harsh rays of the sun, rain, and snow, and basically any other thing that can damage the car en-route to its destination. Some come with extra facilities like insulated walls, rubber flooring, and inside lighting. 

Enclosed car trailers typically have a lower ground clearance making it easy to load in sports cars and cars with low ground clearance. There is even the roll-back trailer variant that drops off the chassis to the ground so that you can drive in really low cars, and then the trailer is rolled back up onto the chassis. 

Enclosed car trailers come in both single car transporters and multi-car transporters, meaning that you can buy a small sized trailer for transporting one car at a time or invest in the bigger option for transporting multiple cars on a single trip.

Single Car Trailers

Single car trailers, also known as tow trucks are a great solution to car transportation between short distances and on short notice. If you have a car that you want to move quickly and easily from Point A to Point B, this is the ideal solution for you. 

Their small and study size makes them ideal for narrow roads and difficult to reach driveways. You simply hook it up to your towing vehicle, drive or roll the car onto the bed, secure the car, and off you go. 

You can use a single car hauler to move anything from an everyday vehicle to an exotic sports car; however, because it usually comes without any form of enclosure, your car will be at the mercy of the elements. Even though you can use single car transporters for long distance haulages, it is usually expensive to do so, and may put you in the wrong with the law if your region does not support long distance car transport on small trailers. 

Single car trailers are usually designed to be between 17 to 25 feet in length and typically come in 7000 to 12000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating; however, you can find single car trailers of other specifications if you know where to look. For example, has single car trailers of various dimensions, styles, and specifications for you to choose from. 

Note though that unlike open car trailers, a single car trailer can only transport a single vehicle that meets the exact load requirement. Anything more than that is putting yourself and other road users at risk.

Wrapping up

Regardless of why you need a car trailer, it is always best to buy the one that was specifically designed for your specific load requirements. This is the best way to get the best out of your car trailer. In addition to that, responsible driving, obeying road rules, and considering other road users are practices that add up to a favourable towing experience. 

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