Business Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring

By | Dec 7, 2018

We live in a technological era, and most businesses use online applications to provide specific services to their clients. However, these applications are always susceptible to downtime and can have significant impacts on the user experience. Application performance monitoring involves a set of tools that are used to analyze and check an application’s performance and alert the system administrator of any issues that can affect this. You can find several APM tools today on the internet, and while they vary in reliability, all of them share the same characteristics and perform similar functions. Application performance monitoring is critical to businesses and here are the benefits;

Increased Revenue

The applications used by businesses are supposed to generate some revenue since they facilitate customer transactions. Companies have a set of critical applications that are depended on for revenue generation, and their availability is essential to the business performance. Application performance monitoring ensures that administrators can quickly check on the issues that might affect customers and the way they can use the application, leading to increased revenue for the business. Application downtime for a few minutes means that customers might not be able to buy or transact for this time and they could even look at what your competition has to offer if they need to transact urgently. This way, you will lose revenue, and it could be a lot of it especially if most of your customers rely on this application.

Promotes Business Continuity

In this age, it is no surprise to see most businesses basing their operations on IT systems. Without the assured availability of these services, firms will be faced with frequent downtime that can affect their continuity. Customers expect to access your services all the time, and when they can’t, they could start considering the other options. This way, downtime should not be an option for your business since it can lead to several losses. Not only will you lose money but your reputation will also be tarnished, companies that invest in application performance monitoring notice an enhanced level of business continuity since all their core services will be available to consumers when they need them. They can easily troubleshoot most issues concerned with their IT systems and effect changes to their IT infrastructure that will lead to better services to their consumers. Application performance monitoring gives IT teams an insight that will help them to foresee any potential downtime and act in advance to optimize their operations and promote continuity.

Improves Customer Experience

You can sit on the backend of an IT system and think that everything is working correctly yet there is a small issue about the application that is hindering users from accessing a particular section of the application. Customer experience is a vital thing for any IT system, and these clients are not concerned about what is happening at the back. All they want to see is the application working correctly, and if this makes them happy, they will be loyal. Customers who are derailed by certain features of an application are often disgruntled and end up looking at other firms that offer apps that give them a better experience. Application performance monitoring gives your IT team a clear view of what is going on in the environment. It tells them what they need to do proactively to fix some of the things that might be wrong long before these glitches can have a significant effect on the customer and employee experience.

Reduced Reliance On Experts

IT experts are not cheap and when you contact one to come and check on your systems, be sure to spend some significant amount of money. One peculiar thing about these systems is that they are always having issues and you could find yourself spending a lot of money on these experts. Furthermore, the increased reliance on them is not good since they can work on your systems halfheartedly and leave glitches since they know you won’t have any other option than to call them back again. Having an application performance monitoring system will reduce your dependence on these costly experts. You will save money and have a clear view of the issues affecting your application without having to consult an expert. With the way this software explains the problems, they offer ideas on what things need to be fixed, and even your junior IT personnel can efficiently work on them and restore them to normal operation.

Promotes Innovation

When applications are well managed, IT personnel are not required to deal with so many emergency drills. They can easily predict a potential issue with the system and put in place the needed measures to help solve them. This way, they can collaborate with the other departments and share knowledge in a bid to resolve any imminent issues better. This helps to save time, and your IT team can now focus on developing more innovative solutions for your business that will address the current business challenges and take advantage of any potential opportunities that will foster growth.

Better Google Ranking

Nowadays, Google looks at several technical aspects when ranking websites. One notable one is the site’s speed, and this can be significantly affected by application downtime. If the crawlers see that your website loads fast, it gets a better score as this is understood to be good for the user experience. Furthermore, people will be happy with your website and will visit it regularly, something that will reduce the bounce rates which derail your site’s rankings. If your web application is slow and always down due to various issues, expect it to rank lowly and you will be forced to spend a lot of money to regain your visitors.

Some benefits of application performance monitoring have been mentioned, and it has been seen that it is a valuable part of any business that relies on IT systems. If you do not have an application performance monitoring tool for your systems, look around and find one that will serve you perfectly. This way, you will reduce the instances of having to deal with downtime and disgruntled customers.

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