Best Places to Live in Cairns, Australia

By | Oct 11, 2019

Moving to a new city can present us with so many problems including what to take, where exactly to go, or what time of the year to move in. The most daunting, arguably, of these problems is deciding exactly where in the settle to settle in. This is particularly difficult because it is a new place and you have little or no information about the different neighborhoods in the city.  If you are making plans to move to the city of Cairns in the beautiful country of Australia, these are the best places to live in:

1. Northern Beaches

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. It is located just about twenty (20) minutes from the Central Business District of Cairns, and is made up of five different beaches: Palm Cove, Kewarra, Ellis, Trinity and Clifton. The area is also known as Cairns Beaches, with the Palm Cove and Trinity Beach serving as major tourist destination hosting incredible luxury hotels. Trinity Beach is a place of choice if you are English-speaking: it hosts several parks, a primary school, and it is a hotspot for commercial activities. Palm Cove, meanwhile, is regarded as one of the exclusive neighborhoods in Cairns featuring several luxury accommodation, resorts and bars.

2. Freshwater 

Freshwater is a suburb in Cairns located 8 kilometers from the Central Business District. It is high-value neighborhood in Cairns with good road and railway network to the city, Cairns International Airport and other suburbs in Cairns. It hosts a train station, serving as a popular point of departure for tourists and residents. Freshwater boasts of a standard primary school, college and several parks. It will definitely offer you the comfort you are looking for.

3. Redlynch

If you are planning on moving to Cairns with your family, then Redlynch is the best place to settle. While it serves as a perfect getaway location from the ever-busy city of Cairns, it also serves as a perfect place to live if you intend to work in the city. It takes just eight (8) minutes to drive from Redlynch to the city centre. This suburb is blessed with amazing serenity and nature your family will never be able to get enough of. Also, Redlynch is very close to two of Cairns’ finest schools. You don’t have to worry about amenities as Redlynch boasts of excellent amenities, with a shopping centre that houses all basic needs you might have.

4. Cairns Harbour Lights

The city of Cairns boasts of some of the world’s most renowned waterfront properties such as the Shangri-la, Hilton and Harbour Lights Hotels. The Harbour Lights hotel, however, stands tall above the rest in structure, location and amenities. It has over 90 self-contained apartments. Residents are gifted with the Cairns marina views from their apartment’s balconies. Cairns Harbour Lights is located close to several shops, parks and restaurants. If you are a fan of boat rides, then Harbour Lights is a great place for you as it offers multiple tour boats to the Great Barrier Reef. It has several swimming pools, a Dundee’s restaurant and a fitness centre. Cairns Harbour Lights is a good place to live an enjoyable life.

5. Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is one of the several beaches that make up the Northern Beaches. It is an exquisite suburb of Cairns offering residents a mind-blowing tropical beach with immaculate sands, soothing waves and glamorous palm trees that serve as a natural cover from the scorching Sun. On its boulevard are wonderful restaurants and bars.

In recent times, Trinity Beach is referred to as the new Palm Cove – another beach in the Northern Beaches of Cairns. While Palm Cove is another amazing suburb, Trinity Beach remains a better choice for several reasons. First, Trinity Beach is closer to Cairns than Palm Cove is, giving residents shorter commuting time. Second, living in Trinity Beach is far more affordable compared to Palm Cove. So it is a better choice if you choose to live in Cairns.

6. Smithfield

Smithfield is the place of choice for foreign students studying at the James Cook University (JCU), because it is at a very short distance from the university campus. Smithfield hosts a number of quality amenities, including a cinema for your entertainment and a large shopping complex for your basic needs.

While Smithfield is just twenty minutes away from Cairns, you will hardly have the need to go there because Smithfield offers basically everything you need. However, its proximity to the city centre is also an advantage. Additionally, it is a 10-minutes drive from the Northern Beaches of Cairns, giving you the ease of access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You can get more comprehensive information on to help guide you on the best place to settle in Cairns. The best place for you will ultimately depend on what your preferences are and whether you are moving with your family or not. The good thing is that Cairns has so many amazing suburbs to choose from.

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