7 Easy Tips for Learning a New Language Fast

By | Apr 24, 2015

Language is a beautiful and valuable skill for anyone to master. Learning one language is simply not enough for most professionals and travel enthusiasts today. Having the skills to speak, read and write more than one language are those that most people would never want to be without.


However, many people never make the leap to learn new languages because they are always told how difficult and time consuming it is. Even though it may not always be easy, there are some tricks to make it simpler. Here are seven easy tips for learning a new language fast.

Have it playing all the time

This is a simple idea that anyone can start doing right now to learn a new language. Everyone can click here to find a TV channel that is broadcast in the language that they want to learn and simply have it playing all day. Even if a person is not directly listening to it, they will still be picking up a lot of the new words that phrases they need to know for the language.

Learn the right words

A lot of people get overwhelmed by new languages because they think they have to learn every single word in that language right away before they can begin to speak it. Even though this should be a goal for the future, it is much more practical and less overwhelming to learn the most commonly used words first, then move on to more complex words.

Talk it out

Speaking is usually the most intimidating part of a new language. Many people will get embarrassed about mispronunciation and not have anyone native in the language to help them work through it. Even if the words are being mispronounced, actually saying them will make it easier to remember and learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of each word. Never be afraid to get a word wrong, because making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn.

Get immersed in the culture

Typically, people who are planning to travel to a foreign country will think they need to learn the entire language first. Though learning some beforehand is very helpful, most experts still agree that immersion is the best way to learn a new language.

Write it down

Writing is the most commonly overlooked aspect of language learning. Many people think they will not need this skill for their limited use of the language, so they focus on reading and speaking. However, writing out the words will help everyone learn the pronunciation and look of each word more quickly.

Work it into the daily schedule

Most people have a daily routine that they follow. In order to learn a language quickly, people should make some studying a part of their normal habits each day.

Use technology to jog the memory

Even with a lot of studying, many people will still stumble over certain words in a new language. There are a lot of apps that can help people in these moments to not only find the word they are looking for, but also to remember that word in the future.

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