Good Career Opportunities in the Health Care Field

By | Apr 9, 2016

If you are looking for a path to take for a career, it may seem like there are few opportunities. Good paying jobs have been outsourced to third world countries, and the future seems bleak for employment of any kind. However, one area of opportunity is in health care. This sector of the economy is growing and figures to continue its growth as the American population continues to age. In addition, the jobs in this field are service oriented and will never be outsourced. The following are three areas to consider.

Become a phlebotomist
You may not be familiar with the word, but you are likely familiar with the work. This is the job of drawing blood for doctors, hospitals and test labs. The pay is not bad for an entry level position in health care, and once you get your foot in the door of the medical field, there are many directions you can go. What makes this even more attractive is the education you need for certification only takes a few weeks.

Medical office administration
The skills needed for the administration staff of any medical office or hospital are often specialized. Medical billing, for example, requires the understanding of how to use software for this purpose and an understanding of various types of medical insurance. Administration is jobs are not limited to office work, but it can include such things as translation for non-English speaking patients. There is an entire non-medical support team for doctors and hospitals that keep everything working well.

Become a nurse
This can be a long and rewarding career. You can become a registered nurse with as little as two years or less of schooling, but if you want greater responsibility and a large paycheck, you will need to earn a bachelors of science degree in nursing. No matter where you live in the nation, you can Earn your BSN online. After this, you can take the next step and earn a masters degree. Skilled and educated nurses are in demand, and they can earn impressive sums of money. In some areas of the country, where there are a shortage of doctors, they can serve the same function as a doctor.

There are many other jobs available in health care, and it will be worth your time to explore as many of them as possible. Always remember though, that you are never stuck with a specific career. Once you have chosen the path of health care as your career choice, the opportunities will be abundant.

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