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Preparing for CAT exam is one of the top priorities of every MBA aspirant in India. I was no different and wanted to score a good percentile and get admission in my dream business school. My first step was to find an institute that will help me achieve my goal and have experienced faculties. I did a thorough research on internet and read other former success stories, Byju classes was a name that constantly popped everywhere. I decided to shift my focus on this academy and visit their online website to gain more information.

The feature that attracted me the most was that of their online courses. Usually CAT coaching centers have fixed timings and more time is wasted in transportation. Byju online courses provided me with an option of studying from my home and at my own timings. This concept is widely accepted by many educational institutes today, considering the lack of time and resources for many students.

With great faculty, online courses and amazing results, Byju classes attracted my attention and I immediately enrolled myself in CAT preparation course. In the start, I was made available with a curriculum that gave me an outlook on the schedule that will follow me in the course. This really helped me to plan my study material ahead of time, to avoid any confusion. Then online tutorial videos started, which I was particularly excited about. As this was something new I was a little septic, but as soon as the highly experienced teachers started the lecture, it became more and more clearer to me.

Every basic detail and topic of every subject was covered and timely test papers were provided, to test our knowledge and point out our weak areas. These tests also gave me a confidence to perform at my best in the real CAT examination. I was worried about the time when I will encounter a trouble understanding a topic, but with live interaction sessions with the Byju faculty, I got the opportunity to place my doubts and have a good one-on-one conversation.

During the final days of my preparation, a crash course was conducted that helped me a lot to review all the topics and their important points. This refreshed my memory and gave me another opportunity to clear any doubts that might affect my performance. Another great feature that I availed at the Byju classes was a final test similar to CAT, which gave the students a preview on the actual test.

I scored a total percentile of 98.9 and currently studying in my dream business school. This was made possible by Byju classes and their incredible faculty, who helped me cross every hurdle with ease. I owe my dream and MBA to Byju classes and its groundbreaking CAT preparation center.

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