How to Boost Conversion for Your Ecommerce Store

By | Aug 9, 2016

Although most retail businesses have taken their operations online, the rate of conversion might not be as thought. Your online store might be having customers who have online shopping carts on your site. However, they may not be buying from your shop. Why would this be the case? What is it that you are not doing or doing wrong? The goal is to increase the conversion rate by making your customers use their shopping carts to buy from your shop. Ecommerce businesses will have a social media profile where their customers and fans can engage positively.

How do you make your customers buy from your shop? It is easy. You have to show them that it will be in their best interest to buy from your shop. It comes down to what you have to offer that your competitors are not offering. You can start by making your ecommerce site look attractive to the eye. It will include making it easy to find what you are looking for. The array or arrangement of the items you sell on your online store should be attractive and show the price and product description. Others include:

Social media networking

Having a social media account is the first step to developing a social media marketing plan. Most people find what they want by signing into their social media account. When you have a fan page for your ecommerce business, you can increase conversion as potential customers will find what they are looking for through social media.

Review of products

You can reviews, ratings and testimonials of your recent customers. It is a perfect way to convince potential customers that your products and services are a top notch. Post those reviews on your ecommerce site for visitors to see. This will entice them to buy. You can also bring in social media marketing strategies by sharing those reviews and rating on your social media page for your followers to see.

Mobile compatibility

It is one of the recent upgrades for all sites. You have to make your site mobile compatible regarding visibility. Increase the visibility of your site by making it compatible with mobile gadgets. More than 80% of the population now have mobile devices and use it to network. You can take advantage of the social media platform to increase conversion for your ecommerce site. Customers can buy from their mobile gadgets thereby increasing revenue for your business.

Increase accessibility

When your site is easily accessible, it means that customers will not have to struggle when it comes to making a purchase. You have to make it accessible to the right customers. You can use the social media to share a link to your ecommerce site and enable conversion. Social media marketing is one way to which customers can trust your site to deliver what they need.


With online shopping, security has to be a priority for anyone. Customers will not risk sharing their personal and financial information on a site that is flagged as being fraudulent and unsafe. You have to make sure that security on your site is tight to protect your customers from fraud or theft.

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