Segway Alternatives – How Personal Mobility Vehicles Are Taking Over

By | Aug 26, 2015

There was a time when being the owner of a car was every individual’s dream. It is still considered an essential requirement, even a status symbol. However, as the number of people on the roads increases, it is evident that traditional methods of transportation are no longer viable. What we are seeing is the rise of personal mobility vehicles like the new self balancing scooters.

The Beginning of a Trend – Segway PT

Self-balancing scooters are an evolved version of the Segway PT. Segway is the most well-known and recognised brand of personal mobility vehicles. It has gained popularity as a mode of transport for short distances. People who need to constantly walk around large areas, like employees in malls, golf courses, large warehouses, etc., find it quite useful.

Because the Segway PT scooters run on a battery, their speed is just a bit over walking speed. This makes them safer to drive around people. Because the speed is faster than walking, it also helps people get around faster without tiring them out. This saves valuable time which is a huge advantage in a work place.



The Evolution of Personal Mobility Vehicles

In addition to the Segway PT, there is a whole new generation of personal mobility vehicles. Sleeker and less cumbersome than the Segway scooter, it is easy to like the new self-balancing scooters. Without the handlebars and with much smaller wheels, these self-balancing scooters look like a futuristic skateboard.

Operating them is also as easy, and it takes new users only a few minutes to get used to the operating mechanism. It is as simple as leaning forward or backwards. Self-balancing scooters are equipped with computing devices, gyroscopic sensors, and tilt sensors. These take in the instructions you give them and adjust the movement accordingly.

When you lean forward, you are telling the self balancing scooter to move ahead. The degree of the tilt tells it how fast you want it to go. Similarly, when you lean backwards on one when it is moving, it will slow down based on how far you lean back. Lean back enough and it will stop, and a slight leaning back will make it slower.

Self-Balancing Scooters Are Here To Change the World

Like the microchips, it seems personal mobility will also shrink because self-balancing scooters are quite small in size. The small size of the self-balancing scooters is a major plus point in their favour.

They do not take up much space as they are no wider than a regular skateboard. Because of the lower bulk compared to a Segway, they are also easy to carry around with you. Plus, because of the whole futuristic skateboard look, they end up looking cooler than other vehicles.

Celebrities like Justin Beiber like the new self-balancing scooters enough to post videos about them on their Instagram accounts. This endorsement from well-loved stars is definitely making these vehicles the new hot thing. What is also a benefit of owning these is mobility free from pollution or damage to the environment.

Because these scooters are powered by a battery, the only fuel they need is an hour or two of recharging. This is enough to keep them running for 6-7 hours. There are no noxious fumes or greenhouse gases being emitted, and the individual is getting to places quicker than he would if he were walking.

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